Healthy teeth for children and adults

Dental care is an important part of wellbeing. A dental sealant for your child’s first molars protects against cavities and helps ensure healthy teeth for a lifetime. A “smile make-over” for an adult can increase confidence and make a better impression when you are interviewing for a job.

When will dental services resume routine care?

All Dental Services have resumed at our Beverly, Melrose & Virgil Health Centers. Teledental video appointments are also available.

What services are you able to provide?

All services for adults and children have resumed. To schedule an appointment, current patients can request an appointment on MyChart or use the chat feature on our website.

What changes can I expect returning to your office?

  • You will have your temperature scanned at every visit and will be asked screening questions multiple times. We will allow only the patient, or one parent with a child, on the premises.  We will ask a translator to wait in the waiting room until necessary.
  • We are wearing more protective gear, and you will be asked to wear a mask except during treatment. More information on infection control is covered in the infection control assurance.
  • Your visits will be shorter to minimize the risks of contracting or transmitting the virus. We ask that you review the informed consent and authorization, infection control assurance, and complete the health questionnaire before visiting us.

Review Informed Consent and Authorization for Treatment: English | Spanish
Review Infection Control Assurance: English | Spanish
Complete Dental and Health Questionnaire: Online Form

What forms should I review/complete before a dental appointment?

Review Infection Control Reassurance: English | Spanish
Review Informed Consent and Authorization for Treatment: English | Spanish
Review Informed Consent and Discussion for Extraction: English | Spanish
Review Informed Consent and Discussion for Root Canal: English | Spanish
Online Dental and Health Questionnaire: Online Form
Online Teledental Consent: Online Form
Online Dental Image Upload: Online Form

Our Los Angeles Dental Services team at Saban Community Clinic is proud to offer you state-of-the-art dental facilities and caring providers who work with your clinic doctor to coordinate all of your care.

Our clean, advanced dental facilities are designed with your comfort in mind, no matter what procedure you need to be done. Our Los Angeles and Hollywood Dental Care Center providers are professional, caring, and compassionate. We are here to make sure you enjoy the best possible experience.

We help your children learn good dental hygiene habits. Our fun, educational programs show them how to take care of their teeth and get them motivated.

The dental care services provided at our Beverly, Melrose, and Virgil Health Centers include:

Space maintainers
Oral health education
Dental Sealants – protect teeth by keeping cavities from forming. It’s an easy and painless process covered by most insurances.

Our Los Angeles Dental services also include full dentures for eligible patients, provided in partnership with UCLA School of Dentistry.

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dental care
Dental Care