I arrived at the Beverly location 12 months ago on public assistance. I [came to] the Clinic with 16 of 32 adult teeth and a chronic history of odontophobia.Prior to meeting personnel, it was evident from the inception that this was a well organized and meticulous operation. I observed the physical environment; it was without clutter, clean and maintained contemporary equipment.

Next I met with Dr. Dastur (Dental Director). I observed her to be quiet and keen. I was surprised when she opened the interaction with pleasant small talk and continued as she evaluated the task at hand. She fostered an environment that was easy to share my dental traumas beginning in childhood.

She then set down the plan of action for restoring my oral health. Her extraction work was unbelievable. I wanted to say she did nothing, except the tooth was no longer present. Needless to say no pain or swelling ensued. GROW (General Relief Opportunities for Work) is a component of public assistance. The social worker identifies and addresses barriers to employment; for example, transportation, equipment, clothing, etc.

Nowhere does public assistance address missing teeth as a barrier to employment. …Saban Community Clinic addressed that very important need for me in the form of a dental partial. The results… have been life changing.

A. Leigh Coleman

Dental patient