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What can I expect if my appointment or service is provided by a Resident?

Residents are an integral part of our team approach to treating the whole person. A Senior Staff Physician (Primary Care Provider) or Pharmacist works with the Resident to coordinate referrals, medication, and follow-up care.

Our Medical and Pharmacy students and Residents come from well-known healthcare centers such as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, USC Keck School of Medicine, and Kaiser Permanente which are among our partners in this important work.

  • Medical Residents have completed medical school and can practice medicine; every doctor must train for at least 3 years or more in a specialized setting, such as Saban.
  • Pharmacy Residents have completed pharmacy school and are licensed. Pharmacy residents do comprehensive medication reconciliation and crucial part of reaching optimized therapy for our patients. They also address any obstacles the patient might have from becoming compliant and adherent to their regimen.

To learn more about our training programs and the organizations we work with, visit Training Programs.