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Lucas Nicholaou

Undergraduate Education: Vanderbilt University; BA Neuroscience & Spanish
Dental School: Columbia University; Doctor of Dental Surgery
Certification: University of California, Los Angeles; Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Nicholaou is a pediatric dentist with a passion for providing exceptional evidence-based oral health care to children of all ages, backgrounds, and medical complexities. His previous experience includes providing full-spectrum clinical care to infants and children and specializing in effectively providing care to children with disabilities.

“In many ways, I feel as though Pediatric Dentistry chose ‘me’ rather than the other way around.  I know how fortunate I was to grow up as a member of a large extended family.  My “village” helped nurture me, supported my goals, and showed me how important it is to always show compassion and try to understand others’ experiences — from their point of view.  My training in Dentistry taught me that starting healthy oral practices, in babies even as young as 3 months, can lead to good dental, and overall health, for a lifetime. Too often I hear from my young patients how frightened they are of having to go to the Dental Clinic.  I love to see their fear decrease as I explain that advancements in dental materials, techniques, and philosophies enable today’s Pediatric Dentists to focus on providing comfortable and trauma-free dental visits.  Our Mission is to help every one of our young patients transition into cavity-free adults who aren’t afraid to see their dentists regularly for preventive care.”