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Welcome to your community medical home, the safe place to come for everything you need to lead the healthiest possible life, regardless of your ability to pay. Treatment. Prevention. Wellness programs. Emotional support. Insurance enrollment. Social services. Our “Whole Person Care” approach not only works better, it saves you time!

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Ongoing care to keep you and your family healthy

If you’ve always waited until something is really wrong to go to the doctor (or the emergency room), Saban Community Clinic will be a refreshing surprise. Not only do we look after the long-term health of you and your family, we see every patient as a customer, figuring out how to best serve you. We treat some urgent conditions, but our focus is on prevention.

Whole person care is about your whole life

Good health isn’t just a physical state. It’s also about your mental, emotional and social wellbeing. That’s why our “Whole Person Care” goes beyond the medical and the dental. We’ll work with you on a total health plan that fits your life, respects the challenges you’re facing, and helps you achieve your goals.

Your own care team and complete health plan

You will have a care team that will work with you to put together a complete plan designed for your specific needs. Besides medical care, it might include nutrition, or help with anxiety or depression, or managing a chronic condition like diabetes, or prenatal care. It’s all about you.

Quality medicine made simple and convenient

Since we treat patients like customers, we’re always trying to improve our services. We’ve reduced wait times, become more efficient, and continue to add services. We try to get more done for you in a single visit, such as blood tests, lab results, and filling prescriptions at our pharmacy.

A nutrition and exercise plan that fits your life

If it’s important for you to lose weight, eat better, and get more exercise, we’ll learn what challenges you face in your neighborhood and family, and come up with a solution that makes sense.

From trauma counseling to mindfulness

Our behavioral health services are designed to help you get through tough times and feel positive about your life.

Alternative ways to help you heal

Our services include the best that Western medicine has to offer, from screenings to immunizations to treatment. In addition, we have practitioners of proven alternative methods such as acupuncture to help you heal.

Your advocate with insurers and more

If you don’t have insurance, you may be eligible for coverage. We will help you enroll in an insurance plan you’re eligible for. Often, our enrollment staff become patient advocates, helping you deal with insurers and government agencies.

Support for addiction recovery, from smoking to drugs and alcohol

You know smoking causes cancer and damages your lungs and teeth, but it’s hard to quit. We help patients with a range of addictions from alcohol to opioids.

Prevention. Regular checkups and the right vaccinations

How long has it been since you had a checkup from a doctor? Preventive care is key to staying healthy. Our chronic disease and cancer screenings save lives. We make sure you and your family have the right immunizations: vaccines for the flu, shingles, Hepatitis A and B, Tetanus/whooping cough, and Meningitis, for example.

Connection to social services, from housing to job training

We have a network of community partners that we will connect you with to help you in times of crisis, providing social services such as food, housing, or training in a new profession.

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Cutting edge technology to deliver the highest levels of care

From advanced technology for diagnosis, to the use of newly FDA-approved medications, we’re on the cutting edge. With our secure MyChart system, you can go online to view your medical records, make appointments and renew prescriptions.  Download the new Saban app for everything Saban in one place (find a doctor, make an appointment and more).

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