New Patients - What to Expect

Welcome to Whole Person Care

We are so happy you found us, and look forward to serving you. We believe that quality medical care is a right, not a privilege. We’re here to provide you with all you need to be healthy physically and mentally, all under one roof. To make sure you get the most out of your first visit, please bring everything on the list below.

Affordable Care Designed for You

We are a mission-driven healthcare provider. We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality healthcare regardless of their ability to pay or immigration status. We are here to help you.

Are Your Services Free?

While we are no longer a Free Clinic, our enrollment teams will work with you to ensure you receive the care you need at little to no cost.

As a Federally Qualified Health Center, MediCal/Medicare/MHLA provider, and Certified Covered California health plan provider, we are able to serve anyone in need. The fees we charge are based on a sliding fee scale determined by the Federal Government. Because of this, sharing information about you or your families’ annual income is an important part of our process. If we don’t have this information, we can’t subsidize care and reduce the fees charged.

How do I Receive Free or Low-Cost Care?

All new patients meet with our Enrollment Specialists who will work with you to determine which program or plan is right for you. This process does require a conversation about you or your families’ annual income. Your income will determine any nominal fees you might be responsible for. If we don’t have this important information, we can’t subsidize care and reduce the fees charged. This is a requirement that is regulated by the Federal Government and built to ensure affordability.

As Required by law, Good Faith Estimates for patients who do not have insurance or who are not using insurance, will be provided. This includes an estimate of the bill for medical items and services. To learn more, review the Good Faith Estimate Document.

What to Bring to Your First Appointment

Help us help you! Due to funding requirements and other health care regulations, please bring the following to your next appointment:

  • Please complete this online Registration Form before your first appointment.
  • Proof of Income (paystub, unemployment check, letter from Social Security, tax return)
  • Proof of Address in Los Angeles County (utility bill, lease agreement, California driver’s license or ID)
  • Proof of Citizenship or residency (birth certificate, green card, passport, certificate of naturalization). You will not be denied services based on your income or citizenship status.
  • Insurance and/or BIC medical card

In order to protect our patients’ identities, photo IDs are required before services can be provided. Acceptable forms of photo IDs include a California Driver’s License, California Identification Card, an ID from your country of origin, the Marticular Consular ID from Mexico, a passport and school ID.

Call to make an appointment (323) 653-1990