Get tested. And get treated with respect.

Everyone who is sexually active, both men and women, should get tested for HIV. If you’re a man having sex with men, whether you’re openly gay or not, you’re at risk for HIV. You have our support and respect. Get tested now! Our Los Angeles HIV treatment team delivers Whole Person Care whether you test HIV negative (HIV prevention) or positive (treatment and disease management).

Know where you stand: a confidential HIV test

Who should get tested? Really, anyone who’s sexually active, even if you are married If you’re a man having sex with men, or if you share needles, get tested regularly. Women who want to get pregnant should get tested. Our HIV testing center will tell you where you stand with respect to HIV so you can get treatment early if you test positive. We’ll also make sure you know how to protect yourself and your current and future partners.

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HIV Treatment Los Angeles

HIV negative? A program for staying that way

So you don’t have HIV? As a next step, we’ll advise you on how to reduce your risk, such as having safe sex, using condoms and not sharing needles. If you’re at high risk, we may prescribe PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) medication for you to take every day. Click here to learn more about PrEP. If you think you’ve been exposed, we offer PEP (Post-Exposure Propylaxis) medication which must be started within 3 days of exposure.

HIV positive? A total HIV treatment program

Doctors trained in HIV Specialty Care

You’ll see a primary care provider who is specially trained in HIV Specialty Care and recommends your total HIV treatment plan, coordinating with your Saban team.

On-site pharmacy

Your pharmacist and your doctor work together
Fill and refill your prescriptions.
Answers to your questions about medication management and potential side effects, in English, Spanish and more
Enrollment into Patient Assistance Programs (medication savings)

Dental care

Dental care from our on-site dentists is an added bonus. Oral health is an important concern for those who are HIV positive. It’s an urgent need that’s often unmet.


Healthy nutrition can help your body fight HIV, remain healthy and improve overall quality of life.

HIV Testing Center
Dental Check Up

It’s about more than just your body

Other support services for people who are at risk for HIV or are HIV positive include a care manager, behavioral health counseling, enrollment in AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), enrollment in other insurance programs you may be eligible for and daily shower services if you’re experiencing homelessness.

Where to Get Tested for HIV