Quality medicine made simple and convenient

At Saban, we put the patient first. We do our best to understand where you’re coming from, and design a “Whole Person Care” program just for you. Recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance as a Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home, we continue to make visits easier for you by reducing wait times and providing more services under one roof.

Your primary care doctor is a gateway to a healthier life

Your primary doctor connects you to an expert care team that becomes you and your family’s health support system, including specialists, a pediatrician for your kids, a dentist, nurses for screenings and vaccinations. We ensure you get the most out of each visit, so you don’t’ have to come back multiple times. Get your lab results and prescriptions while you’re here. Check in with a nutritionist or counselor or social worker.

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Our medical services

In addition to providing primary care and general medicine, the Saban Community Clinic provides medical services like these, all under one roof.

Diagnostic lab services

Prenatal care/Obstetrics/Gynecology

Adult medicine


Screening and treatment of chronic conditions

Cancer and HIV screening

Preventive care including:


Nutrition/Dietitian counseling


Selected specialty care

Alternative Medicine


We have a network of referral partners including hospitals if you require surgery, specialty care, or advanced treatment.

Care for chronic conditions from diabetes to HIV to high blood pressure

If you have a chronic condition, we put you into a complete disease management program so that you can continue to live a full and active life. This can include medication, self-monitoring devices, coaching, lifestyle changes, and a support group to help reduce stress.

We’re not just about healing. We’re about prevention

We not only take care of you when you’re sick, we want you to stay well. We take a “whole person” approach to preventive care for you and your family, from medical checkups to health education classes and support groups.

Preventive care:
Vaccinations for adults and children
Preventive checkups
Cancer screenings
Chronic disease screenings
Wellness classes
Counseling for prevention of illness

From lab to pharmacy, everything is here

We believe that quality medical care is not only a right, it should be easy and convenient. So we offer many services under one roof. In one appointment, you could get a checkup, lab test, results, prescription, and medication.

Your doctor and you can easily track your progress

At our clinic, we don’t just tell you what to do. You and your care team create your health plan and monitor your progress together. With our MyChart technology, most of your records are in one private secure place for you and your primary care doctor to view at any time.

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