Sometimes a better life starts with a shower

Our unique shower program can be the gateway to a new life and exemplifies Whole Person Care. Invited to use one of our showers, a person experiencing homelessness can talk with a case manager, who is his or her “concierge” to our medical, behavioral health, dental and vision care services – as well as to outside partners for housing and job training.

If you’re experiencing homelessness, here are the services we offer:

Free shower, toiletries and clean clothes

Use our facilities to take a shower. Rejuvenate with dignity in an atmosphere of respect. We give you a toiletry kit and clean clothes when available. If you like, talk with a care manager who will connect you with other services you need.

A health checkup and medical care, including immunizations

So many of our homeless clients lost their jobs and homes as a result of health problems. We’ll give you a complete checkup and make sure you get the medical care you need, starting with Hepatitis vaccinations to keep you safe.

Dental care, including dentures

We will catch you up on dental care: basic cleaning, fillings, bridges, implants for missing teeth. If you need dentures, no problem. We will fit you with a pair. You’ll make a much better impression when you go on a job interview!

Help working out emotional issues

Living on the streets is hard on the spirit. Perhaps you’ve had untreated conditions (like seizures) or emotional issues that have made life extra difficult. Our behavioral health services will provide support and counseling.

Addiction recovery

If you’re addicted to alcohol or some other substance, we will refer you to someone who can help. It’s a lot easier to get sober or clean when you have an entire team of health care providers pulling for you.

Connections: housing and job training

Our team will help you get back on your feet by connecting you with social services. From assistance in finding housing, to training programs that open up job opportunities, we have a network of community partners ready to step in.

Toiletries kits for men and women

After you’re refreshed from your shower, we’ll give you an essential connect kit (when available) with a clean pair of socks, clean underwear and other personal care items from deodorant to hand wipes. Photo: Blue men’s kit and turquoise women’s kit.

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