Support and skills to help you build a better life

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed. Hopeless, even. You’d like to turn things around in a more positive direction but you’re having a hard time. Our behavioral health clinic team will help you put things in perspective, gain new coping skills and support you as you build the life you want to have.

Whole person care is more than just physical

Stress, anxiety, depression or anger can affect your physical health. And if you’re sick you feel down emotionally. Whole person care is about lifting up your mind and spirit as well as your body. Gain practical skills you can use to move ahead in your life. Feel positive and hopeful. Improve your work situation and your relationships.

What’s getting in your way?

We all have issues and emotional states that can get in our way. Saban’s Behavioral Health services give you the tools to get beyond these barriers.



Individual therapy? Sort things out one-on-one

What are your goals for your life? What’s good and what’s not working? Individual sessions with a trained counselor get all the issues out on the table, so that you can work on practical solutions.

If you’re depressed, anxious or angry, there are behavioral things you can do to feel more positive. You’re free to talk openly – everything you say in a session is totally confidential. It’s often helpful to talk through underlying issues that are eating away at you even though you’re not always aware of them.

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Your primary care doctor is a gateway to a healthier life

Your primary doctor connects you to an expert care team that becomes you and your family’s health support system, including specialists, a pediatrician for your kids, a dentist, nurses for screenings and vaccinations. We see that you get the most out of each visit, so you don’t’ have to come back multiple times. Get your lab results and prescriptions while you’re here. Check in with a nutritionist or counselor or social worker.

Affordable Counseling Services