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Saban Community Clinic continues to be one of the premier Los Angeles based charities, serving Angelenos in need for more than 54 years. Our supporters believe that healthcare is a human right and not a privilege. Our supporters believe in taking action to ensure equal access to quality medical services, dental care, mental health services and being part of the solution to the homeless crisis in Los Angeles. Learn more about supporting our work here.

As a registered national non-profit organization with an exceptional rating on Charity Navigator, you can explore all the options for supporting our work here. Including easy ways to donate your stocks and other securities to charity, avoiding the capital gains tax and making a difference. We are here to help.

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A Mental Health Crisis – You Can Help…

It’s just as important to take care of your mental health as it is your physical health. The Clinic has been a trusted mental health provider since the early 70’s for our patients and a mental health charity in Los Angeles that donors have come to know as a place where healing really happens. With the COVID -19 pandemic came an entirely new demand for mental health services, treatment not only for individuals but also for families. Our demand has grown more than 95% over the past year. By supporting Saban Community Clinic’s Mental Health Department, YOU can be part of ensuring a healthy future for many in need.

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A Shower is Hope

When we wake-up in the morning, feeling a bit groggy, stepping into a nice warm shower can make you feel refreshed, happy and ready to start the day right. But imagine for a moment that you are experiencing homelessness, you wake up on a hard surface and instead of your day beginning with a hot shower and warm breakfast, you day begins with searching for your next meal and if you are lucky, maybe finding a facility where you can shower and refresh.

But there is hope at Saban Community Clinic, one of the first Los Angeles charities to start a free shower program. And when someone comes in for a shower, we build a lasting relationship with them to start the pathway out of homelessness. Our case managers work to navigate our shower participants into the medical, dental and mental health services they need, connect them to housing and food resources. In addition, we provide our shower participants with a Connect Kit, filled with essential items they need to make the day a bit easier like new socks, underwear, water, food, wipes etc… Click here to learn more about our Homeless Program or donate today!

We can’t always give our time and financial support allows Saban Community Clinic to provide the immediate support our patients need. Giving gifts of stock & securities to charity are a great way to make a difference and provide an immediate impact. Connect with us today to learn more: 323-330-1670 or contribute@sabancommunityclinic.org.

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What is Your Legacy?

If you agree that:

Healthcare is a Human Right – Marginalized Communities Deserve Equal Care – Community Health is Always at Risk – Action is Necessary

Then you should join our Legacy Circle and be part of a healthy tomorrow, today! Contact us now to learn more. 

Today, more than ever, with the COVID-19 global health crisis, we are thinking about our own mortality. As one a premier Los Angeles charities that has been serving the community for more than 54 years, we are committed to ensuring we continue to adapt and assist those in need for years to come. By including Saban Community Clinic in your estate planning, you can ensure our work continues into the future. Giving gifts of stock, securities, life insurance, annuities to charities can have a lasting impact, along with reducing estate taxes to your family.

We are here to help you, call us (323-330-1670) to discuss your estate planning further or fill out this form and we will contact you.

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