In 1970, after several doctors in Wisconsin were unable to diagnose some paralysis in her hand, Suki Stone headed to Los Angeles to see a specialist and have surgery. Her original plan was to stay until she recovered and then head back home. However, after falling in love with LA, Suki decided to make it her new home.

With a deep passion for giving back, she began volunteering at UCLA where she met two girls with whom she shared an apartment. A few months later, Suki began to experience some health issues but did not have insurance, she didn’t know where to turn… Her roommates suggested she visit The Los Angeles Free Clinic. “I didn’t have anywhere to go and needed to see a doctor. I will never forget Dr. Gold and all the caring staff at the Clinic.

They knew me. They called all of us by name. There was respect for the patients. They were all so authentic and cared about everyone who walked through the doors.”
Recently Suki attended the Clinic’s 50th Anniversary Dinner Gala. She wanted to give back to an organization that helped her during a time of need. The event and specifically the videos, showcasing the Clinic’s history and a patient story, brought Suki to tears.

“So much from that time has changed, but the free clinic has grown and expanded in 50 years. The morals and values are still there. They still provide exemplary medical service. They treat people with respect and don’t pass judgment. That’s what impressed me. Saban Community Clinic is just what it was then, only better. That’s something that the Clinic and all of the people that are connected to it should be proud of.”

Dr. Suki Stone has dedicated her life to helping others. Her mission is to teach children with learning disabilities how to read. She gives back to organizations that are close to her heart, including the Clinic!

Suki Stone, PhD