Ashley Ordaz came to us many years ago initially as a youth living on the streets addicted to meth. We helped her through her recovery and prenatal care when she got pregnant.

“I lived on the streets, was addicted to amphetamines, became pregnant – and had no idea how to take care of a baby, nonetheless myself. I thought I had nowhere to turn. I’m not sure Manuel would be here today had it not been for The Saban Free Clinic. I am so thankful!” “Well, when I went there, I didn’t feel like I was anybody. And they made me feel like I was somebody. And it’s like having a mother and father there, you know, that I didn’t have at the time. I was on the streets living a very hard life. They put me on the right path with all the right programs that I needed, and without them, I don’t know where I would be right now.”

Ashley Ordaz