Whole Person Care

Whole Person Care

Are you having some thoughts about starting your whole-person care? Let's have a little overview of some common misconceptions about whole health treatments.

Let us tell you that that is a statement far from the truth. Although you may think you are doing just fine going to the dentist or cardio appointment once a year for a checkup, your health involves way more than isolated doctor appointments.

Whole-person care will become your best healthcare experience. It will help you improve your whole general health outcome because human wellness depends on multi-dimensional, multisystemic care coordination and whole-person care offers it.

This is the one to get straight as soon as possible. Whole person care is about your entire life. This means your whole health clinic will support you way beyond medical and dental. A good whole health doctor will work with you on a complete health plan. They will go through your entire lifestyle, goals, and challenges you may be facing to determine your needs and treatment.

  • Whole health hospitals only offer strict health care services

Yes, like others health care facilities, we provide medical attention. We treat some urgent conditions, but our focus is on prevention. So our healthcare clinic's holistic treatment will involve other kinds of services.

Top-of-the-line clinics like ours will offer you treatments, prevention, wellness programs, emotional support, insurance enrollment, and social services. 

You will have a complete care team that will work with you to put together a plan designed for your specific needs. Besides medical care, it might include nutrition or help with anxiety or depression. Or managing a chronic condition like diabetes or prenatal care.

Our whole person care approach not only works better, but it will also help you save time and comply with your agenda! Our Saban Community Clinic will look after the long-term health of you and your family. We will see you as a customer, and we will always be attentive to show you the ideal plan and figuring out how to serve you best.

  • Whole health clinics are expensive

Many consider that access to our whole health care could be very expensive. But the truth is that our Saban Community Clinic was founded on the principle that healthcare is a right to all and not a privilege. In our five health centers, we provide whole-person care to everyone regardless of income or immigration status, including medical, behavioral, and dental care.

We will become your advocate with insurers and more. And even if you don't have insurance, you may be eligible for coverage. Our team will provide you all the information to enroll in an insurance plan you may qualify for. We will help you deal with insurers and government agencies.

  • Whole person care doctor will see you once, and then you will be by your own

Whole care is about being by your side, prevent, and offer a complete integral healthcare service. 

And that is what you will be provided with, in our Saban Community clinic.

We offer genuine ongoing care to keep you and your family healthy. We will guide you through your good and not-so-good health times. We will make sure you and your family are always in the best state of health and provide you with the services to stay that way.

Don't make your family's health wait. Contact us to learn more about our clinic or services https://www.sabancommunityclinic.org/locations/virgil-family-health-center/

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