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Short-Term Rehab Overland Park

Short-Term Rehab Overland Park

If you will be leaving a hospital stay and transitioning into a short-term rehab in Overland Park, it is normal to have questions about such a change. One of the more frequent concerns that a patient will have with this type of transition is how long the rehab stay might be and what they can expect to get into a new and very unfamiliar care environment. It is best to know that specific answers to these kinds of questions are best left on a case-by-case basis. However, some general guidelines will give you an idea of what you can expect.

Length of Stay

The main objective for a decent short-term rehab in Overland Park is to make sure that you get back on your feet and ready to go home as soon as you can. For most patients, this will mean going through an inpatient rehabilitation plan that puts them on task to go home in about 30 days. The average stay for someone in a short-term rehab setting is roughly 20 days, but some patients will get discharged anywhere between 7 to 14 days after entering. 

The personal length of stay a patient has will usually get determined by progress for rehabilitation and recovery. Once you are admitted to the program, you get assessed to determine your current medical condition, ability levels, past medical history, and more. Once the treatment plan kicks into action, the progress is monitored and adjusted accordingly to ensure you are on track with goals safely and effectively. Discharge generally commences once the patient and the rehabilitation team reach all goals. 

Short-Term Rehab Environment Expectations

A patient's experience will be much different for a short-term rehab environment over an acute-care hospital stay. While in the hospital, care will largely be centered on treating the injury, condition, or illness that made the stay necessary. Short-term rehab is more focused on facilitating recovery and helping the patient to remain healthy, functional, and regain strength that may have been lost to the medical issues. 

During a short-term rehab stay, the patient plays an active role in the process. This means that you will be involved in formulating and executing your treatment plan and taking responsibility for working on progressing with rehabilitation goals. Patients are expected to put in so many hours of daily therapy, including speech, occupational, and physical therapy. 

It is important to know that a stay in a short-term rehab in Overland Park can be an intense experience, so you always want to be aware of the differences between hospital care and rehabilitation. Here at Colonial Village, we take the time to work with our patients to ensure they have the guidance and support necessary to navigate the rehab process. We offer therapy six days a week, along with our spa that features a fireplace and whirlpool tub. For more information, give us a call at Colonial Village at (913) 730-3700, and a member of our team can address any questions or concerns that you may have.

Short-Term Rehab Overland Park
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