Pharmacy Clinic

Pharmacy Clinic

As a whole health and pharmacy clinic, Saban Community Clinic has two pharmacies at Beverly and Melrose. These are fully licensed and can efficiently provide the treatment needed from diverse insurance or health plans according to customer convenience. Here, we will let you know the services we provide as a whole health and pharmacy clinic.

What is the advantage of this pharmacy?

You could access easy refills in a fully-stocked pharmacy. And don’t worry about your insurance coverage; you will get your prescriptions filled anyway! Our top priority is your holistic treatment at this healthcare clinic.

How is the relationship between the staff from the pharmacy and the one from the clinic?

Our available pharmacists keep constant touch with the whole health doctors at Saban Community Clinic. They work together to help you reach your goals and provide the most satisfactory service.

Do the pharmacies work with Delivery or Pick-Up?

With your insurance plan, you may be eligible for delivery at your home or work. Our greatest satisfaction is your comfort! If you wish to, you could also pick up on site on the same day as your appointment, so you could instantly start or continue the whole health treatment plan for your needs.

Which are the values of Saban Community Clinic?

Saban Community Clinic believes quality healthcare is not a privilege to be earned but a right all human beings deserve, especially in the US, where affordable healthcare is a daily worry. We are committed to offering free prescriptions to the uninsured or those going through a difficult economic situation.

We are a whole health hospital with the will to offer all services needed for an integral health condition, in the same place. In fact, health is even more than just physical wellness; our treatment includes mental, social, and emotional dimensions, which is particularly essential during the pandemic, where our mental health has been greatly affected.

We are always willing to provide the best attention for our customers, aiming to offer long-term health by promoting prevention as the key to saving lives and healing.

And what about social responsibility?

We are recognized for looking forward to providing excellent holistic care for our community. Saban Community Clinic is highly compromised to create a healthier and happier society.  No kind of discrimination can prevail when speaking about healthcare. Every single person deserves to have access to this human right easily.

Saban Community Clinic currently develops several social programs. They include whole attention to the homeless, embracing physical and emotional health. We also offer support and recovery groups for several addictions and even professional training so that these persons could find a job that allows them to live a dignified life, so they can start all over again. 

Support us! There are many ways you could help us with our labor at Saban Community Clinic and our local community will always be grateful.

If you have any other doubts, don’t hesitate to ask your team! Contact us to learn more about our clinic or services. Link(s):

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Pharmacy Clinic
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