Hollywood Health Center

Hollywood Health Center

Saban Community Clinic is a top-rated Hollywood health center with hundreds of positive reviews and the best team of medical practitioners. We offer whole person care services at affordable prices, ensuring the highest quality healthcare for everyone.

Services offered at our community clinic

Ranked as one of the top community health services providers, we help patients overcome their health issues and preserve their wellness over the years. Our team of healthcare practitioners ensures our patients via a whole-person approach. Instead of band-aiding health issues, we offer unsurpassed preventive care and maintenance services. Some of the services we offer include:

1. Preventive and primary care services, including medical and dental checkups, condition management, etc.

2. Disease prevention, including vaccinations, obesity screenings, assistance to quit smoking, etc

3. Patient education on injury prevention, nutritional counseling, and various diseases and ailments

4. Mental health screenings and counseling, and substance abuse treatment

5. Pharmacotherapy care

With our comprehensive preventive care services, we help patients manage chronic conditions and lower their medical costs significantly. Our range of affordable medical services ensures people from all geographic, economic, and cultural backgrounds access to premier care.

Benefits of choosing our clinic for behavioral and mental health services 

We treat several mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, trauma, isolation, substance abuse disorders, PTSD, etc. Our behavioral health services equip patients with critical tools to lead a healthy, active, and fulfilling life.

Our team of mental health experts uses individual therapies and support group sessions to help patients attain improved psychiatric wellness. We conduct support group sessions in English as well as Spanish, helping our patients learn new ways of coping with triggers, stressful situations, and cravings.

Top reasons to choose our Hollywood health center

We are a top-rated health clinic in Hollywood, specializing in offering unsurpassed whole-person care to people in surrounding and neighboring communities. Here's why our Hollywood healthcare center is ideal for you:

1. Access to the highest quality care at affordable prices

We address disparities in access to care by charging a reasonable fee on a sliding scale for uninsured patients and those with limited incomes. Our healthcare model leads to cost savings and encourages patients to receive preventive services.    

2. Integrated care

Our community clinic follows a multidisciplinary approach and provides medical, dental, and mental health care in one setting. Our doctors from different disciplines work together, plan, and offer the best possible care to ensure that the patients undergo a transforming healing experience. We also allow patients to schedule multiple services on the same day, saving their time and costs.

3. Improving the quality of patients' lives with additional services

We go the extra mile, understand the complex needs of our patients, and connect them to social services and housing assistance. Our highly trained and compassionate care management staff help our patients navigate through the system and ensure that they find an ideal environment to take the best care of their health.

Call (323) 653-1990 to make an appointment. Saban Community Clinic offers the best medical, mental, and dental health care services with experienced clinicians. Visit our Hollywood Health Center today to receive customized care and unsurpassed treatment for your medical or psychiatric ailments.

Hollywood Health Center
Saban Community Clinic
Hollywood Health Center
8405 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90048 US

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