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Family Therapy Orange County

Family Therapy Orange County

You may have heard the saying that you ‘can’t choose family,’ and it is true. You are born into a family, but the meaning of the word goes well beyond that. Today, there are many people with unique family situations, including being related by blood, adoption, or by marriage. You must work to embrace these relationships as they are the foundation for your life, whether you share legal connections or DNA with someone. If you are having issues, you may want to start looking into your options for family therapy in Orange County.

Why is Youth Therapy in Southern California Important? 

The relationships that young people build will be important to both mental and physical health. Child psychologists in Orange County, California, will tell you that family therapy could be beneficial for assisting in various situations impacting family dynamics and relationships. These are some of the examples of reasons why family therapy might be helpful: 

  • Communication breakdown
  • Financial issues
  • Marital problems
  • Major life transitions
  • Serious illness
  • Mental health condition
  • Alcohol and/or substance abuse
  • Conflict over one or more of these issues

The more that you learn about family therapy, the easier it will be to select and transition into pediatric mental health services in Orange County. 

What is Family Therapy in Orange County?

The process of family therapy means that the family members will work on going through counseling together as a unit. While it might be helpful if everyone participates, it is not always necessary for the entire family to be involved. It could mean that you need to look into help from adolescent psychiatrists in SoCal when a younger member of your family is struggling. In some instances, a teen psychologist in Orange County can be there when a troubled teenager is withdrawing, having issues at school, or showing signs of depression. 

For the most part, family therapy will be short-term and focus on specific goals. It will explore conflicts, patterns, and the different ways that your family system can work on communication during the process. Some of the benefits that come from taking part in family therapy with the help of the OC Teen Center includes: 

  • Forging better communication skills
  • Working to offer coping skills for challenging situations
  • Providing insight and understanding
  • Determining problem areas brewing within the family unit
  • Developing strategies to handle conflict better
  • Strengthening bonds and relationships

As a top choice in a mental health center for teens, the OC Teen Center is proud to offer professional, compassionate mental health services for teenagers and their families. We are well-versed in eating disorders, depression, anxiety, self-harm, and other behavioral conditions. We must focus on results-driven care while offering support for the family unit as a whole. It is important to our team of specialists that we offer a calm, family-like environment along with a broad range of proven programs centered on teen mental health. 

If you seek family therapy in Orange County, give us a call at the OC Teen Center at (714) 716-5044. You can also get in touch with admissions or ask questions by emailing us at

Family Therapy Orange County
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