Community Dental Services

Community Dental Services

Proper healthcare is a benefit all human beings should be allowed to have access to. With our team, we at Saban Community Clinics have been working through redefining the availability of community healthcare for over 50 years. We are set up in giving you a variety of medical services and doing so with the latest technology, great doctors and nurses, and new and improved methods for healing. Your well-being is our goal, and we look forward to doing so with groups of families and individuals in need, achieving life-long results. 

Saban Community Clinic has received the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Level 3 Recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). You can learn from this that there's a constant priority in our service that leans towards putting the patient first and making all the extra steps for their satisfaction and peacefulness. This includes shorter wait times, an easier and more accessible healthcare system, and low costs in services. 

Most times, the kind of influences and money you have is correlated with the kind of treatment you obtain in a medical facility. At Saban, there is no limitation of that kind since you will have the resources of premier medical providers. How much money you make or where you come from does not affect the treatment you will receive. Whole Person Care is designed to care for your every need, which includes your physical, mental and emotional state. There is also insurance enrollment included. The more people we can help in a community, the healthier our community becomes for everyone. 

One medical service that is incredibly important, yet most of the time, too expensive for most people, is dental care. For example, taking care of a child's first molars with dental sealant could ensure him protection against cavities and healthy teeth for the rest of his adolescence. It is said that our confidence and self-image are reflected in the proper care of our teeth, so it's no coincidence the impact it can make in an adult's life to have a makeover that betters his smile. The confidence boost and increase in self-loving can make a better impression when looking for a job! 

We are proud to say that our team at Saban Community Clinic in Los Angeles is equipped with the tools and technology to offer you state-of-the-art dental facilities and medical specialists who work with your clinic doctor to design and take care of everything for your care and well being.  Being aware that most of these procedures can be stressful and nerve-racking, our facilities are designed for your peace and comfort, they are perfectly clean, and our facilitators are professional, gentle, and filled with compassion. The overall idea is for us to make you have the best positive experience regarding your health. Besides, we have a list of educational program shows so your kids can understand the importance of good hygiene through activities and fun! These keep them motivated and happy while learning.

If you are wondering about the specific treatments available in our installations, these are a few of them: Cleanings, fillings, exams, x-rays, extractions, space maintainers, oral health education, and dental Sealants (which provide preventive care from cavities). This last procedure is covered by our insurance and completely free of pain.

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Community Dental Services
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Community Dental Services
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