Community Dental Care

Community Dental Care

Where do most people put their money to ensure better health? The most likely answer is that it is everywhere but the dental clinic. Most dentists are negligent about their mouth health until they are much older or develop some dental complication. Then, it is easier for them to shrug off any warnings about a crack or color change as long as they feel and look normal.

Unfortunately, these negligent dental procedures only lead to more health and financial complications. The avalanche of issues is a nightmare to handle because you cannot spread enough money to handle everything quickly. The worst case is that a decade of poor dental care will cause massive bone loss and irreversible damage.

How are we serving the community?

The best dentists in Hollywood offer a wide range of dental treatments in Hollywood CA both children and adults. You will find something for everyone, including general exams, to check the state of your mouth. Here are all the services you will get from any of the five Saban health care centers.

Dental services we provide for the community


Dental fillings treat decay or cavities in teeth. They also treat injuries like fractures and prevent further damage to the roots. Our dentist follows all dental care procedures by first examining the tooth and using X-rays to outline or teeth complications. Then, the patient can choose the preferable filling type and begin the process by cleaning out the cavity to remove decays and food deposits.

We recommend that prospective patients schedule a general exam because fillings are a standard dental procedure all around the country. The dentist will plan an X-ray exam that suits your dental state and fits the doctor’s recommendation.


Dental crowns repair teeth with severe injury or decay damage. They also correct cosmetic issues like uneven teeth and can give the teeth a uniform color. Usually, our dental crown installment procedures take at least two appointments to complete if the Cosmetic dentist in Hollywood needs to prepare the crowns in the lab first. Do not hesitate to get a crown covering if you want a cosmetic procedure that also prevents damage and reduces the risk of infection.


The general dentist at our community dental care clinic can remove a troublesome and painful tooth as soon as you schedule an appointment. We begin by loosening the affected tooth or teeth from their sockets and pull them out with minor oral surgery. The procedure will involve all the proper preparations, including numbing and cleaning the socket.


The best and most common way to treat the most dental issue is using dental implants. The implants involve placing implants into the jawbone and using other multiple procedures to make the tooth look and feel like a natural tooth.

Space maintainers

There are several types of space maintainers to give your child a perfect smile. However, you must use an experienced dentist to ensure the best dental condition. All our space maintainers address different dental issues, including preventing permanent extraction of crowding teeth.

Maintaining or improving your teeth is a stress-free process at the Hollywood dental clinic. Contact us to learn more about our community dental care clinic or services or call (323) 653-1990 to make an appointment.  



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