STD Testing Los Angeles

STD Testing Los Angeles

Saban Community Clinic is known, among many things, for being the greatest STD testing clinic in Los Angeles. 50 years of background experience have granted our facilities with an unparalleled reputation, one of taking care of our people regardless of their condition. 

The philosophy that reigns among our corridors is that of helping everyone in need. That’s why we’ve evolved and developed one of the most complete medical attention centers in the region. 

On top of that, our team of experts is full of some of the most prepared medical professionals in the country, delivering each procedure with outstanding excellence. 

However, more than often one can feel lost among the misinformation. When it comes to HIV and STD testing, there are a lot of rumors and fake news. This can lead to many people being unaware of the risks inherent to those diseases, limiting their ability to beat them. 

But since you are reading this piece that will not be your case! Just keep going and you’ll find out all the essentials of Los Angeles CA STD testing.

Ask your doctor about everything

We tend to believe that if our doctor doesn’t recommend a particular kind of health test, then we shouldn’t take another look at the issue. However, STD testing is often not included in regular medical attention. Therefore, we highly recommend asking for any additional testing available, just to discard any possibility.

But what happens if I don’t have a regular doctor?

Well, the very first thing after finding an HIV clinic near you is to be completely honest to your doctor about any sexual encounter you might have had. This will allow the professional to properly assess your situation and recommend all the relevant testing necessary. 

How do I know which tests are relevant?

The length and range of the health check will directly depend on the patient. That’s why, as we’ve mentioned before, the very first and most important principle in these cases is honesty.

By communicating to your doctor or health professional about all your current or former symptoms, the number of sexual partners, the type of sexual encounter, and how often do they happen, he/she will be capacitated to provide a medical path towards the detection of any STD. 

How do these tests work?

It will depend on the nature of the test. For example, some tests require only urine samples while others need blood analyses, swabs, or Pap tests. However, most of them are easy, fast, cheap, and pain-free. 

One important thing to highlight is that you do not have to be showing symptoms to go ahead and take some of these tests if not all of them. Remember that prevention is the best medicine, and early detection of a disease could be a life-saving achievement. 

Where to get an STD test in LA?

The most important thing to look for when searching for an HIV clinic is to check the status of the medical equipment of the facilities. These screenings are delicate, and an improper service could result in unwanted infections.

But don’t worry a bit! Luckily you now know about Saban Community Clinic, and the only thing left is for you to download MyChart and pick a date for your appointment. There, you can ask your doctor anything you want and even check your test results in real-time. 

It’s as easy as it sounds! Just contact us to learn more about our clinic or services!

STD Testing Los Angeles
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STD Testing Los Angeles
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