Los Angeles Charities

Los Angeles Charities

If you are willing to help your community, you need to know that Saban Community Clinic is committed with the mission of providing “whole person care” to those who may need it the most, with no distinction of race, gender, nationality or any criteria.

You might be looking for the perfect place to do some charity, support those in need, contribute to non-profit activities, or where to donate your car in Los Angeles.

Let us show you our work as a community-based clinic and some of the possible ways you could be part of this amazing project too!

Saban Community Clinic

With over 50 years since our foundation, we constantly work in order to provide the best attention to our customers and serve our community. We can efficiently face your needs and heal your physical illness and help you prevent them.

Beyond medical care, Saban Community Clinic seeks to offer “whole person care.” This means we target all the human dimensions, providing holistic treatment.

Social action

“Where should I donate my car in Los Angeles?” You may think. At Saban Community Clinic, we got a lot of work to do, and we count on your help. So let us review some of our programs and services.

In our homeless program, we take integral care of those who have lived through difficult circumstances, giving them a second chance. After a refreshing shower, our staff will do a whole checkup and provide the respective treatment if necessary.

Emotional and addiction recovery support is also offered. Even dental care! At this point, they would be prepared to look for a job and start a brand new life. At Saban Community Clinic, we provide all the training needed for this!

Thanks to our wide work, we are the top reference for Los Angeles car donation and other means of charity.

Support our work

There are several ways you can help you reach and take care of more people. Some of them being the following:

  • Monetary donations. It is up to you!
  • Tributes. In honor of someone special to you...
  • Stock, bond and mutual funds.
  • Donations for prenatal patients. Help us with some resources or products needed.
  • Donations for our homeless program. These people deserve to start all over.
  • Shopping at Amazon Smile Foundation or Ralph’s. You only need to click Saban Community Clinic as your charity of choice.
  • Donate a car. We are the ultimate option in Los Angeles vehicle donation.
  • Corporate matching gifts.
  • Volunteering.

You can be part of the active defense of human rights! Health care is not a privilege; everyone deserves it regardless of their social-economic position, immigration status, or any other factor. Help us with our mission of creating a healthier and happier community, according to the worth and dignity of every human being.

If you want to help us but are not sure of how to do it, don’t worry! Our team can assist you. Contact us to learn more about our clinic or services. Link(s): https://www.sabancommunityclinic.org/contact-us/

Los Angeles Charities
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Los Angeles Charities
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