Car Donations Los Angeles

Car Donations Los Angeles

Is there an old car bothering you? You might be wondering: “Where should I donate my car in Los Angeles?” We got the answer!

Saban Community Clinic is the perfect place to donate a car. Our mission is to provide holistic healthcare attention to everyone who needs it. If you are interested, keep reading.

Our mission and vision

For Saban Community Clinic, health is more than the absence of physical discomfort or illness. Our “whole person care” includes all the human dimensions to help you reach solid wellness.

We are looking forward to being the greatest whole-health clinic in Los Angeles. Our focus is on preventing diseases and healing our patients with cutting-edge technology, alternative medicine techniques, and a personalized plan based on specific needs and goals.

We seek to guarantee long-term health in every single patient that comes to us looking for help. Vaccination and regular check-ups to detect and treat any illness at an early stage might be the only way to save your life. Saban Community Clinic truly works to raise awareness of this.

The good news is you can be part of our labor! Contribute to what we do at Saban Community Clinic by donating a car; it is extremely simple and 100% tax-deductible. Look no further for where to donate your car in Los Angeles.

Step by step

Donating a car and helping save a life is easier than you may think! Take into account that we use a third-party company to facilitate the donation process.

  1. Contact us at 877-722-2690 or 877-SABAN-90.
  2. Your vehicle will be towed without cost.
  3. You will be given a tax-deductible receipt.
  4. Done! Your contribution will be destined to our multiple services and programs.

Social action 

When deciding which Los Angeles vehicle donation suits you better, you should know how we will use the earnings.

As we said before, our attention goes beyond medical care. These are rough times for everybody; people in need must not hesitate to ask for help with food, housing, job training, and other services.

Saban Community Clinic offers a homeless program you should definitely get to know. From a shower to all kinds of treatments, there are numerous options to take into account. Our staff offers an integral checkup and indicates the necessary treatment to follow, considering the whole scenario.

These people certainly were exposed to extremely difficult situations. Emotional help must be given to them so that they can achieve successful reinsertion in society. In case of addiction issues, we also provide them with some valuable and effective tools to heal.

If needed, dental care is also offered. At this point, the person must be ready to look for a decent job, according to their human dignity. And our staff helps them actively with this too!

Still in doubt to which Los Angeles car donation will you contribute? We don’t think so! Help us to help the most vulnerable people. Wellness and whole health attention is not a privilege. In fact, it is a human right that all persons deserve to exercise, with no discrimination at all.

Support our work! Contact us to learn more about our clinic or services. Link(s):

Car Donations Los Angeles
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Car Donations Los Angeles
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