Behavioral Health Clinic

Behavioral Health Clinic

Saban Community Clinic is a top-rated treatment facility for addiction and mental health disorders with state-of-the-art amenities and the highest success rates. Ranked as a top behavioral health clinic, we treat conditions like anxiety, trauma, depression, substance abuse disorders, and several other mental illnesses.

Our behavioral health services

We address an array of mental and behavioral disorders with individual therapy and support group programs. Our therapists work with our patients in a private setting and use counseling and psychotherapies to identify and address their insecurities and psychiatric problems.

We also organize, conduct and moderate weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly support group sessions and help patients heal and recover with peer support.

Who should seek behavioral health treatment?

Anyone battling substance abuse disorders or alcoholism, or mental health issues should seek professional help at the earliest. Besides, patients battling with dual diagnosis (substance addiction paired with one or more mental disorders) should begin the treatment as soon as possible to prevent regrettable consequences.

We are a leading whole-person community clinic with a team of highly experienced psychiatrists and therapists. Our team of behavioral experts conducts 1-on-1, group therapies, and moderate support group meetings to help patients attain improved mental wellness and sobriety. Ranked as the #1 facility for behavioral and mental health disorders, we focus on identifying and resolving the underlying causes for an illness/ailment and prevent the issue from resurfacing in the future.

Top reasons to choose us for behavioral health

We are a pioneer treatment facility with the best medical, dental, mental, and pharmacy care services and an experienced clinical team, providing:

  • Multidisciplinary approach

We are a large community clinic with several departments and multiple teams, enabling us to provide whole-person care to our patients. Most behavioral issues stem from an underlying psychiatric problem or a physical ailment. We have a multidisciplinary clinical team who work together to create an integrated treatment plan to help you attain comprehensive wellness.

  • Affordable rates

We follow a sliding scale fee model, meaning we charge fees based on your income level. Our goal is to ensure premier clinical and psychiatric care for everyone. Regardless of whether you have insurance or not, you can receive affordable help for substance abuse problems or mental disorders at our behavioral health clinic.

  • Additional services

We strive to help seniors, low-income members, and homeless individuals find the resources they need to lead an improved quality of life. Our staff members help patients find the senior living homes within their budget, seek housing assistance, and ensure that our patients receive meals three times a day. By improving the standard of living, we reduce the chances of relapse in recovering addicts and help them lead a stress-free life.

Contact Saban Community Clinic at 3236531990 to book an appointment with one of our treatment providers. We are a leading behavioral health clinic with experienced physicians, therapists, psychiatrists, and RNs. Our clinical staff has helped numerous individuals battling substance abuse disorders and mental health problems overcome their behavioral challenges and lead an improved quality of life.

Behavioral Health Clinic
Saban Community Clinic
Behavioral Health Clinic
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