You’re not alone

When you join one of our groups, you’ll find out that you’re not alone. Other people have similar issues and feel the way you do. You and your fellow group members, led by a professional counselor, support each other in the journey to becoming your best self and building a better life.

A professional guide and a group with similar experiences and issues

Whether you’re trying to reduce your stress level, quit smoking or improve your relationships, you’ll be with people you can relate to, and vice versa, guided by an experienced counselor.

Our support groups include:

Men’s Issues (Men’s Process Group)

Where am I in my life? Any regrets? Where am I going? What do I want in a relationship? Guys have a tendency to feel isolated and hide their uncertainties. This is a safe place to open up about the big questions.

Women’s Trauma Recovery (Spanish Only)

Have you been abused physically, sexually or emotionally? Is there a trauma in your childhood? Afraid to leave a bad situation? Break the silence. Support each other, empower yourself and unlock your potential.


Our free weekly series teaches you mindfulness techniques that help reduce stress, emotional reactivity, worry and chronic pain. Mindfulness is a state of active open attention to the here-and-now experience.

Hypnosis for Stress Reduction

Give yourself the gift of relaxation. Be guided through relaxation exercises into a trance-like state of focused attention that will assist you to let go of your stress.

Weight Loss and Healthy Living

Get support, new information and skills to improve your health and reach your ideal weight. Create a realistic diet and exercise plan that fits in with your life, your family, your neighborhood and your culture.

Smoking Cessation (New Classes Coming Soon)

Smoking causes damage to your lungs, heart and teeth. And it burns money. Vaping isn’t quitting, either. Join our free smoking cessation classes to help kick your smoking habit, getting the support you need to quit at last!

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