Car Donations – Los Angeles

Vehicle Donation Program – Los Angeles

Have a car taking up space in your driveway? Avoid the hassle of selling it, free up space in your garage and make a big impact. Donate your old vehicle to Saban Community Clinic. Your donation is 100% tax deductible!

How it works:

The Clinic uses a third party company to facilitate donations. Call 877-722-2690 or 877-SABAN-90. Car donation in Los Angeles is super easy. Your vehicle will be towed at no cost to you and you’ll receive a tax deductible receipt.

Want to Donate Your Car Now?

  1. Call us at 877-722-2690 or 877-SABAN-90
  2. We will tow your vehicle at no cost to you!
  3. Get a tax deductible receipt and help Saban Community Clinic patients.

Want to Learn More about Saban Community Clinic?

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