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Donor Privacy Policy

Saban Community Clinic guarantees that we do not sell or trade our donors' personal or contact information with anyone else. Donor information is kept confidential and is used only for direct correspondence between the donor and Saban Community Clinic.

Saban Community Clinic values its donors, volunteers and prospects (hereafter referred to as "supporters") and takes their privacy seriously. Our commitment to respect the privacy of our supporters extends to how we obtain, use, protect and share information about them.

Our privacy policy articulates the principles and actions by which the Clinic collects, retains and utilizes information related to our donors, volunteers, prospects, and affiliated agencies and organizations. The policy has been established to guide the actions of the Clinic’s employees, volunteers, contractors and authorized representatives.

Covered information includes:

  1. Personal information obtained from donors, volunteers and prospects through newsletters, pledges, letters, sponsorships, event ticket sales, website and other forms, in writing, in person, by telephone, or electronically (e.g. name, address, employer, birth date, credit card number, Social Security number, names of family members, interests, etc.)
  2. Individual information collected about donors, volunteers and prospects' present and past giving history, volunteer activity, committee service, information from public documents and reports, and any other interactions an individual may have had with the Clinic.

Clinic Practices:

  • We do not lend, rent, trade, or sell supporter information.
  • Without the supporter's consent, we do not provide their information to organizations or individuals outside the Clinic with the exception of the Clinic’s own vendors and volunteers.
  • We contractually require any person or organization providing services to Saban Community Clinic to protect the confidentiality of supporter information and not to give it in turn to others.
  • Volunteers are provided no more information than is minimally necessary to perform a specified task. Volunteers agree to use the information only for the time and purpose specified and to return the information to the Clinic employee who authorized its use.
  • Apart from donor information required by and released to the IRS, we hold strictly confidential all information concerning donors and prospects, including addresses, names of beneficiaries, nature and value of estates, amounts of provisions or gifts, etc., unless a donor or prospect grants permission to use selective information for purposes of referral, testimonial, example, recognition, or publicity.
  • We protect the anonymity of supporters who do not want their name used in any promotional material, wish their name removed from solicitation lists, or wish to have their gifts or services be anonymous.
  • We educate our employees and volunteers on the importance of protecting the privacy and security of confidential personal and organizational information.
  • We will collect, use and share information about our supporters among employees and volunteers only on a needs-to-know basis and for the sole purpose of carrying out the mission of the Clinic.
  • We have procedures in place to limit access to information to those employees and volunteers who need to know such information in order to fulfill our mission.
  • Staff do not divulge passwords which provide access to confidential information to unauthorized staff or to volunteers.
  • Confidential information is not to be left out in the open and unsupervised, whether on paper or on screen, in view of people other than Development staff or a designated volunteer.
  • Confidential information is shredded rather than placed in waste receptacles.
  • Any questions not anticipated by this policy regarding the potential use or abuse of donor information should be brought to the attention of a person’s supervisor within Development before information is released.

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