About Us


Executive Team

Julie Hudman, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

David Luna, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer

Adam Friedman
Chief Marketing and Advancement Officer

Emanuel Mkrtichian
Chief Information Officer

Muriel Nouwezem
Chief Financial Officer

Giezel Garnett
Chief Human Resources Officer

Saban Community Clinic Board of Directors

Robert Broder, J.D.
Chair of the Board

Russell Alexander-Orozco
Vice Chair of the Board

Michael Ziering, J.D.

Angela L. Jones

Jesse Bronner

Joanne Dietch

Eric Jung

Steve Klimback

Michael McBride

Cam Montgomery, Jr.

Ingrid Palmer

Luis Pardo

Mitchell Pindus

Richard K. Rifenbark, J.D.

Neil E. Romanoff, M.D., M.P.H.

Support Us

Saban Community Clinic relies heavily on the support of our community to continue to give back to those in need. Learn how you can help support us in our efforts.